Below are a few articles, pieces of art, and a stray comic covering some projects I've worked on.

AI Neuroscience

Work with collaborators including Anh Nguyen, Jeff Clune, Thomas Fuchs, and Hod Lipson.

Fooling Deep Nets

Work with Anh Nguyen and Jeff Clune.

Scientific American Mind: Christof Koch: Do Androids Dream? (pdf of print) 24 December 2014

MIT Technology Review: "Smart" Software Can Be Tricked into Seeing What Isn't There 24 December 2014

The Atlantic: How to Fool a Computer With Optical Illusions 15 December 2014

American Scientist: Computer Vision and Computer Hallucinations: A peek inside an artificial neural network reveals some pretty freaky images. (see also pdf of print version) Vol 103, Number 6, November 2015

New Scientist: Optical illusions fool computers into seeing things 11 December 2014

Data Skeptic Podcast: #37: Easily Fooling Deep Neural Networks 16 January 2015

Y-Combinator Hacker News: Deep Neural Networks Are Easily Fooled 9 December 2014

Discovery News: What Computers Think The World Looks Like 15 December 2014

I Programmer: The Deep Flaw In All Neural Networks 10 December 2014

#algopop: Fooling Deep Neural Networks 9 December 2014

Reddit: Post on /r/MachineLearning 8 December 2014

Endless Forms

Work with Jeff Clune, Eugene Doan, Sijie Liu, Nabeel Samad, Nick Cheney, and Hod Lipson.

New Scientist: One Percent: Evolve your own objects for 3D printing (on homepage Aug 20) 19 August 2011

Y-Combinator Hacker News: Breed 3-D Printable Objects, No Technical Know-How Needed August 18, 2011

Slashdot: Crowdsourcing Speeds Evolution of 3D Printable Objects (On front page, brought us tons of visitors and data, but brought our poor server to its knees!) September 24, 2011

The Jerusalem Post: No technical know-how needed (Israel's best-selling English language paper) 08/25/2011

Big Think: The First Industrial Evolution August 23, 2011

Make Parts Fast: Software so "rad," it's not CAD August 17, 2011

The high low: New Site Lets you Design Your Own 3D Objects August 22, 2011

Novaator: Teadlased muutsid prinditavate esemete disainimise lihtsamaks (Estonian language) 22.08.2011

Big Think: 3-D Printing Made Easy August 25, 2011

Plastics Today: 3D printing for the masses, designing sans CAD August 25th, 2011

Business News Daily: Intelligent Design: Users Power Evolution in 3-D Web Printing (On homepage) 27 Aug 2011

The Cornell Daily Sun: Faculty, Students Include 'Evolution' in 3-D Printing September 16, 2011

Metropolis Magazine: Lab Report XI Nov 29, 2011

The Cornell Daily Sun: Special Edition: 3-D Printing April 3, 2013

Pepf's blog: EndlessForms 8 October 2011

Thought controlled and eye-tracking controlled evolution

BBC: 3D printing powered by thought 14 June 2013

Quadruped robots and gait learning

Work with Diana Hidalgo, Sarah Nguyen, Juan Zagal, Sara Lohmann, Eric Gold, Jeremy Blum, Jeff Clune, and Hod Lipson.

Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman: Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution? Season 4, episode 7. See our walking robots from 7:00 - 7:45 and 9:40 - 11:10. (unreliable video link) July 10, 2013


Servo Magazine: Aracna Open Source Quadruped Platform June 2013

AI vs. AI chatbots

Work with Igor Labutov and Hod Lipson.

TEDx Hollywood: Talk by George Bloom: Virtual reality -- how the metaverse will change filmmaking (at 9m30) 19 June 2014

Science Channel: Outrageous Acts of Science, Season 2, Episode 12: Hackaverse. Possible video links: 1, 2, 3 (at 25m35). 10 May 2014

BBC: First 'chatbot' conversation ends in argument (Video interview with Igor and I) Sept 8, 2011

Huffington Post: Chatbots Talking To Each Other Is Mesmerizing Aug 29, 2011

XKCD: AI Sept 7, 2011

The Wall Street Journal: What Computers Talk About When We Aren't Listening Aug 30, 2011

2ch blog: AIとAIを会話させたらどうなるのか 最後の言葉が怖すぎる (Japanese language, title is roughly "If we try to converse woman AI with man AI... what happens?! The last word of woman AI is too scary.") Aug 30, 2011

Comedy Central, Tosh.O: What Happens When Two Chatbots Have A Conversation? Aug 30, 2011

RT: The Alyona Show: Hod Lipson on his talking Cleverbots Aug 30, 2011

NPR's All Things Considered with Robert Siegel: Robot-To-Robot Chat Yields Curious Conversation (First autonomous participant on All Things Considered.) Sept 1, 2011

NBC News: Must-see science videos of 2011 Dec 29, 2011

Rockport Film Festival: Chatbots (Official selection, Rockport Film Festival 2011). September, 2011

NSF newsletter: CS Bits and Bytes: Language Processing Jan 23, 2012

Kevin Kelly, blog: Theological Chatbots (The first person to interview us) Aug 31, 2011

NBC: Video aired as part of the Current TV show with Keith Olbermann. Aug 31, 2011

Smart Planet: Turning artificial intelligence on itself Aug 29, 2011

Technabob: Two ChatBots Have a Conversation Aug 29, 2011

Yahoo News: Robots can be kind of mean Aug 30, 2011

The Morton Report: Two A.I. ChatBots Attempt a Conversation Aug 30, 2011

Yahoo News: AI-Powered Chatbots Talk to Each Other Aug 30, 2011

Slate: Two Chatbots Walk Into a Room... Aug 30, 2011

20 Minutes: Si les robots discutent, les humains rigolent (French language) Aug 31, 2011

Neoteo: Dos chatbots conversan entre sí (Spanish language) Aug 30, 2011

Il Post: La conversazione tra sordi (Italian language) Aug 30, 2011

Excite: Dos robots conversan entre sí sobre temas variados (Spanish language) Aug 31, 2011

Muy Computer: ¿De qué pueden hablar dos programas informáticos? (Spanish language) Aug 30, 2011

German Engadget: Video: Zwei ChatBots reden über Gott und die Welt (German language) Aug 30, 2011

Blame it on the Voices: A conversation between two chatbots Aug 30, 2011

IBM Systems Magazine: Cleverbot on AI, the Viral Video and Skittles Sept 1, 2011

The Cornell Daily Sun: Graduate Students’ Chatbots Take Twitter By Storm Sept 13, 2011

Xaccel: Dos chatbots discutiendo... (Spanish language) Aug 30, 2011

Decoded Science: Chatbots Hold Conversation At Cornell University (Text of interview with Igor Labutov) Sept 18, 2011

Tom Stephenson: I am a unicorn Sept 9, 2011

Baseline Magazine: Artificial Sophomores Created in Lab Sept 30, 2011

Social Times: 30 Of The Best Viral Videos Of Summer 2011 Sept 26, 2011

CBC: As it Happens, with Carol Off and Jeff Douglas (See end of part 2) Aug 31, 2011

Fan responses

Tim Goldman: Robot of the week Sept 16, 2011

Blithe Ink: T-shirt design Sept 20, 2011

RmAn 305 Ghetto Paraiso: I am not a robot, I am a unicorn Sept, 2011

Shirt Trader: I Am Not A Robot, I Am A Unicorn T-shirt Nov 15, 2011

Pasadena Robotics Program

Work with Stephen Crosby, Erik Dreyer, and the Pasadena Education Foundation. See also and PEF STEM.


Cornell Chronicle: Five grad students named space technology fellows Aug. 27, 2013